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Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry (Music Video) | BIG VON

Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry (Music Video) | BIG VON.

The beautiful Kelly Rowland new video for song Dirty Laundry is very tastefully done.  Simple in its nature displays Kelly in a vulnerable way and ending with liberation.  The contrast of the black suit in the water and white at the end diving free.  Love it.  The focus is purely on Kelly and not Beyonce.  

Proud this was done is taste and meets every expectation as Kelly continues to rise in her career.


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Beyonce Bow Down

The new single Bow Down Beyonce is a clue to herself it is time to do just that BOW DOWN.

The song is a mixture of her singing, a ping ping wacky beat, and a distorted male voice we are to assume is her.  Beyonce has fell of the damn wagon with this shit.  In the song (male voice) it says, “I been on who gone 3 times, Tell me who gone take me off, take me off, take me off) then some random ass shit.  Smack that trick, gold chains. Bitch you not hood, stop it.  You are not bout that life.  Yeah you been on but news flash Bey you taking YOUR DAMN SELF OFF. YOU OFF BY YOUR OWN BULLSHIT MUSIC.

Then she further tries to gain street cred claiming all these people she knew and dookie braids.  What the hell is going on?  I was not an overly dedicated fan of her but she had some good music you can vibe to.  This is trying a little to hard.  Yes I know people change, or they real selves come out.  Which one is it?  Is the real Bey coming out or is she trying this maneuver to solicit new fans.

The only thing she says in her voice is, “Back down bitches, several times, H town Bitches” She sings of people wanting to be in her world when they were a little girl and not to forget it to respect it but back down Bitches.  Yea ya wholesome girl saying Bitches! Some of you have her way to high on a pedestal.  She human just like us.  She also claims that she took time to live her life but not just his(Jay-Z? we assume) little wife.

Umm did somebody say she was just a wife living off Jaz-Z?  That would be some bullshit and I would have to agree with her to fall back Bitches.  Nobody can take away the hard work and dedication Beyonce has given to the entertainment industry.  I just don’t know what is going on in this song.  I am wondering if this Mrs. Carter tour is a way of her saying, hell I don’t what she saying.  She doesn’t want us to believe she just a wife but her tour is titled Mrs. Carter.  Oh maybe she is finally admitting what we all know that she is indeed married to Mr. Carter, who so happens to also be her manager.

I am curious as to what you all think of this song, hate it or love it?  Most people are wondering who she talking about, me I just want to know where is she going with her style of music.  If this continues then this album will fail the same as the one before it.  The half naked trick is out the bag and the consumer is demanding more.  So Beyonce what are you offering your consumer?  Can we expect more content that is satisfying or more rolling on the floor half naked to take up time calling it a performance?

Check it and leave your comments here, let me know what cha think!

Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.


Beyonce/Jay-z Ivy Blue?????

Beyonce has given birth then not given birth to now has given birth 01/07/12 via scheduled C-section.

Wow wth so secret if the damn girl was actually pregnant or not.  I understand for security reasons for alias at hospital and actual hospital possible, but not the I’m pregnant disappearing baby bump.  Ridiculous all around but have kept them relevant since August.  Did the Carters really need the media attention?  I don’t think so, it makes no logical sense if Bey was pregnant herself to keep such a wonderful feeling and joy so mysterious.  Yes going through the pregnancy private but everyone seen how Alicia keys (Bey friend?) was never pregnant then not then baby due here but not here but here.  Celebs are pregnant and I have never seen such a controversial pregnancy in my life.  Although some speculated as to MJ children  being MJ children, never was it to this extreme of uncertainty.

Just because Solange put on twitter that 1 damn day cutest pregnant sister stuff doesn’t actually mean she was pregnant or still pregnant, media so crazy!  When Solange was pregnant def no mystery there, dem Carters dat shit cray!!!!!LOL!

Now aside from all the BS with da Carters.  If these baby girl somebody had anyway is name Ivy Blue or Blue IV what set they really claiming?!?!?!?!?  They saying blue his fav color and 4 is her number or is it part of this society of evil they suppose to be into.  What a crazy name and I hope it is not spelled Blue like the color, a little more imagination I mean your name is not ordinary.

This topic of these Carter never ending.  If it was C-section all of us know how long you MUST stay and the recovery plus as much as she like to be naked a scheduled C is just not wise.  Hope your stomach muscles are strong enough to roll on the floor again.  Oh yea that isn’t challenging at all.  That girl will be rolling on the floor naked again real soon, speed recovery of the unknown.  Just wait you’ll see.

Congrats if its true motherhood is the greatest feeling and job in the world!!!! To all mothers without a doubt Congrats for holding it down 10 lunar months PG, Birth C-sect/or Vaginal, epidural or none Congrats to all mothers across the globe!!!!

Hate the blog or love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.