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Instant Mom is an Instant Success

It was a pleasure being in the audience of the live taping of Instant Mom set to air in the Fall on Nick Mom.  The atmosphere was nothing like I expected, as this was my first time to be in the audience of any sitcom or show.  Between the comedian and live DJ the audience was quite entertained between dressing changes and set changes.  It also helped to have an audience that was open to the blunt comedian who kept it all the way real, no filter on his jokes.  He didn’t just chime in on the audience but joked on himself and his children.

The show Instant Mom is about a woman (Stephanie) who married an older gentleman Charlie (Michael Boatman), (who happens to be a cardiologist, score!) with three kids.  Stephanie played by the gorgeous Tia Mowry-Hardrict is thrown into parenthood at an instant.  Hence the name Instant Mom.  Not to give too many details away because you will need to tune in in the Fall on Nick Mom to catch the cast doing their thing. Stephanie has to go from weekend mom to full time mom when the birth mother has to leave without notice to take care of her own mother. The three kids play well off each other and the chemistry and vibe of the cast is believable as a family dealing with a step mom.  The two boys Aaron  (Damarr Calhoun) ( who you may have seen on an episode of Scandal and James (Tylen Williams) the brother of Tyler Williams ( who sat quietly in the audience)the  hit show Everybody Hates Chris are so cute and definitely boys being boys.  Gabby  (Sydney Park) the teenage daughter plays her role well and I can’t wait to see what other things the teenager goes through.  It is an instant bond between Stephanie and Gabby being more like friends than mother and daughter sharing clothes, until Stephanie is forced to be a mother and take away the privilege she gave her.  What privilege is that?  Tune in and find out!

Overall I think the show will be an instant success, however I wonder how will the writers continue the show past season one.   Most know there are many challenges to being a mom or a step mom in Stephanie’s case, but she has picked it up all to fast so how will they continue to keep the audience interested and how will it survive into a season 2.  Perhaps, Stephanie overbearing momMaggie (Sheryl Lee Ralph) will finally be done chipping away or start to warm up to the idea of being a Grandma and hound her daughter into giving her a grandchild.  Perhaps she does get pregnant and the mom comes back, or maybe her party friend starts to dig the non -single life and look for her own ready-made family.  I don’t know but I certainly hope the writers are looking into the future of multiple seasons.

I will be watching the new hit show and look forward to other episodes to see the creativity of the writers.  I must admit as a graduate of entertainment business it was nice to see in real time and professionally all the components come together.  Seeing the each behind the scenes crew members and making sense of their duties was a pleasant surprise.  However, I was unaware audience entertainer really having to know the show and be just as involved.  I thought it was more like clap now (holding sign), laugh now (holding sign) it was so not that and I enjoyed it.

On a side note I don’t know what it is about 2Chainz song “I’m Different” it gets me going every time, and apparently the cast of Instant Mom and the audience.  It was great seeing Tia and the other cast members bust a move along with her hairstylist and makeup people on set.

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