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Keyshia Cole and Beyonce Beef

Everybody quick to say Keyshia Cole got Beef with the almighty Beyonce.  Hello maybe yall just got beef with Keyshia Cole. There are constant reports of Keyshia Cole going in on twitter causing some type of ruckus.  At one point I was like damn Keyshia what the hell going on you rep the Bay in the industry. #teambayarea!!

This time I had to investigate when Bossip reported Keyshia Cole claps back at Beyonce for the song Bown Down.  First off that is not what you call a song.  Beyonce was angry, trying to hard, or something.  It is supposedly two snippets put together.  I don’t what it is, but garbage defines what it actually is.  Cole tweets First “Women need to Stick together” now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit” This is the truth.  Beyonce has more than one time sang of women sticking together and being strong then your royal Queen Bey DISSES yall stans by saying, “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it. Respect that,” she sings. “Bow down, b*tches.” Hello yall backing down to her because you saying she so powerful that it will end Keyshia Cole career.

Cole spoke nothing but the truth in this tweet and now Beyonce followers are attacking her for speaking her mind.attacking

Yall need to stop it!  Power 95.3 is a respected radio station out in Orlando FL, should they Bow Down to Queen Bey too for speaking the truth?  The two songs released thus far for  Bey FLOPPED big time in their face.  I don’t know what is worse Nuclear or Bow Down, but they were suppose to be her big hits and just don’t cut it.  This is not a beef between Keyshia Cole and Beyonce fans are just jumping on the bandwagon of Beyonce who yes has HAD her day in the spotlight.  Let be honest folks Bey has not produced a hit or had a GREAT performance in a while.  The last of the BEST performances from Bey was when she was “PREGNANT” doing flips on stage in heels.  She really gave us the performance then huh!

I’m not team Cole just keeping it 100.  When Cole spoke against Michelle Williams that was just cold and I could see why fans went after her.  She did put her foot in her mouth on that one.  We all know on the trio of a performance Kelly Rowland bought the most heat to stage giving fans what the deserved.  A PERFORMANCE!  Whatever it is Bey is going through she need to get it together or stay behind the scenes and continue collecting her duckets that way.  We hear of her using Final cut Pro and self directing amongst other things so it is time for her to Bow Down and do what she does best BEHIND the scenes.  Not a diss just keep the image you had before it is tarnished.

Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.



Beyonce Bow Down

The new single Bow Down Beyonce is a clue to herself it is time to do just that BOW DOWN.

The song is a mixture of her singing, a ping ping wacky beat, and a distorted male voice we are to assume is her.  Beyonce has fell of the damn wagon with this shit.  In the song (male voice) it says, “I been on who gone 3 times, Tell me who gone take me off, take me off, take me off) then some random ass shit.  Smack that trick, gold chains. Bitch you not hood, stop it.  You are not bout that life.  Yeah you been on but news flash Bey you taking YOUR DAMN SELF OFF. YOU OFF BY YOUR OWN BULLSHIT MUSIC.

Then she further tries to gain street cred claiming all these people she knew and dookie braids.  What the hell is going on?  I was not an overly dedicated fan of her but she had some good music you can vibe to.  This is trying a little to hard.  Yes I know people change, or they real selves come out.  Which one is it?  Is the real Bey coming out or is she trying this maneuver to solicit new fans.

The only thing she says in her voice is, “Back down bitches, several times, H town Bitches” She sings of people wanting to be in her world when they were a little girl and not to forget it to respect it but back down Bitches.  Yea ya wholesome girl saying Bitches! Some of you have her way to high on a pedestal.  She human just like us.  She also claims that she took time to live her life but not just his(Jay-Z? we assume) little wife.

Umm did somebody say she was just a wife living off Jaz-Z?  That would be some bullshit and I would have to agree with her to fall back Bitches.  Nobody can take away the hard work and dedication Beyonce has given to the entertainment industry.  I just don’t know what is going on in this song.  I am wondering if this Mrs. Carter tour is a way of her saying, hell I don’t what she saying.  She doesn’t want us to believe she just a wife but her tour is titled Mrs. Carter.  Oh maybe she is finally admitting what we all know that she is indeed married to Mr. Carter, who so happens to also be her manager.

I am curious as to what you all think of this song, hate it or love it?  Most people are wondering who she talking about, me I just want to know where is she going with her style of music.  If this continues then this album will fail the same as the one before it.  The half naked trick is out the bag and the consumer is demanding more.  So Beyonce what are you offering your consumer?  Can we expect more content that is satisfying or more rolling on the floor half naked to take up time calling it a performance?

Check it and leave your comments here, let me know what cha think!

Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.


Newton Connecticut Tragedy

I just want to say a quick blurb.

Worst fear of a parent is to loose a child, do get that phone call or view on the news that your child school has had a shooting and innocent lives lost.  My heart truly goes out to ALL involved in this event that took place and makes you realize that extra hug, kiss, or words mommy/daddy love you, is NECESSARY.  If you are one of those parents that don’t tell your child EVERYDAY you love them make sure today is the day that you START. LaKhaela, Lamar Jr., Lakaia, Leroy mommy love you more than words can ever express.

If you know someone who is hurting, depressed, step in get involved.  You can save lives.  It is not ok for us the people to continue to be afraid to say hey that person needs help, they are talking of harming themselves or others.  Suicide is real, often times if they don’t harm themselves their emotions are to much to bare and over take any common sense in their heads.  If they are reaching out reach back.  I don’t know the situation in Newton Connecticut but I certainly can’t nor do I want to imagine the pain these families are feeling.

According to the Associated Press: Official: Police are questioning Ryan Lanza, 24, of Hoboken, older brother of Connecticut shooting suspect Adam Lanza. -SS

Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time



George Zimmerman is it Murder?

Picture this you are strolling along to the store minding your business.  Someone decides you are a threat from a distance as you may not have been seen before in the neighborhood.  Unaware you are a threat you continue on to go to the store.  Now as a good person and lead person in the neighborhood watch calls the police on you because you are suspicious and don’t fit in.  Now you are returning from the store back in the nice gated community.  Before you know it you are faced with a barrel threatening to end your life.  Your life is ended but your killer does not go to jail.

Now put this into play folks a 17 yr old black boy named Trayvon Martin went to a store to buy candy for his younger brother.  So in one pocket he has skittles and the other pocket a can of arizona ice tea.  Dangerous right?  George Zimmerman self appointed white male under age 30 views this teenager as a threat.  Mr. Zimmerman called the police on the child and was told by Sanford police not to follow the kid.  He followed him anyway.  They claimed he may have been trying to get an address and keep an eye on him.  First offense you was told not to follow him.  Secondly Zimmerman followed the walking home teenager in his SUV.  Already the boy was at a disadvantage.

Martin noticed the SUV following him and what would anybody say? What’s your problem?  Still dangerous though huh?  Trayvon Martin was considered a threat but yet George Zimmerman followed and approached him.  Zimmerman claims he shot him in self defense.  Ok if this  looser was just wanting to keep an EYE on him then why in the hell did he come out in his SUV with a loaded 9mm.  Sounds to me like Zimmerman had other intentions.

Reports say Zimmerman had a bloody nose and back of head. Hmm you freakin idiot you can’t roll up on someone especially a youngster and think they not gone tap that ass.  Sounds like if it is true Martin kicked his ass.  Martin was defending himself it is unfortunate the skittles or ice tea couldn’t fire a bullet.  His skittles and tea where no match for the loaded 9mm gun that ended his life.  Oh and add this to it, Zimmerman has not been arrested because he studied criminal law for 4 yrs. and has a clean background.  Martin background was also clean as Zimmerman but no study of law.

Florida fucked up law “stand your ground” is the reason this child murderer is not in jail.  The only reason you need to justify killing someone in thIS “REPUBLICAN” state is you are reasonably scared.  Bull shit!  Guess this explains why the white lady went and got security on my three yr old son.  she was afraid of her son getting beat up.  So this lady could of shot my baby when her son started it but my son continued to finish it everytime he saw him.  No I don’t condone fighting but damn where is the line in this state?  How many innocent skittle toting kids are going to die before they realize the ridiculousness of the law.  It is giving the right to kill without a true self defense

My heart goes out to this family.  A child going to the store visiting from Miami to spend time with his father and siblings gone.  Gone because a hothead couldn’t follow the law.  How long did it take for the police to arrive for Zimmerman to get in his SUV follow this child home possibly fight and shoot him dead?  Whee is the justice in this case.  No arrest, no answers, protection of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin dead.  SKITTLES VS GUN doesn’t seem fair.  Kid was honestly the wrong color in a gated community where he wasn’t suspicious just getting candy and tea before returning home to his father home.  REST IN PEACE AND MAY GOD SOLVE THIS UNTIMELY DEATH AND BRING JUSTICE FOR YOUR FAMILY.

Scorned Packers Fan!

We all know when a woman is fed up, there is/can be hell to pay.

I love the new approach of killing him softly.  We all know the alpha male and those pretenders are going to be watching football.  Even if you are not a fan of that team as the playoffs are nearing it is every game has an eye on it.  (Guilty myself)  Love football season.

Anyway, what better way to get back at a cheating EX boyfriend.  YES as reported Annie Wagner wins the award for putting a person on blast in 2011.  She did one up than social media and used the Green Bay Packers game to not only let the world know her boyfriend is a cheater but he was on the couch watching the game while she was physically there.

This is great!!!!!  The chances her sign she was holding stating” My cheating EX boyfriend is watching from the couch instead.”  Love it Love it Love it.  Oh yes did I say Love it?  You know had he not been cheating or caught cheating these tickets were probably a surprise to him for the couple to attend the game together.  Wow Loser.  Not only is her sign caught on national Television, but imagine this: The sign and image of “Annie Wagner” him at home on the couch with friends watching the game, pause moment of silence, guy friends saying oh maybe that wasn’t her, while the other immediately start texting and social media hit up hard.  Hilarious, or he could of been alone sitting on the couch with his phone ringing off the hook.  Either way pure comedy!

Go on girl, what did R. Kelly sing?, ” When a womans fed up” Now she famous and him and his cheating heart humiliated on national TV.  He could be a hard ass and don’t care! I’m just sayin!!!!! She wins the award from me in 2011 for revenge.


Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.