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Bally Fitness in Fremont Evacuated

Front of Bally Total Fitness Fremont CA

Front of Bally Total Fitness Fremont CA

Bally Total Fitness Evacuated tonight.

Can you imagine working out in the dark?  Tonight people working out at Bally Fitness did just that.  The treadmills, elliptical, and bike machines stopped all at once with complete darkness.  No warning or light flicker just complete darkness.

Gym participants stood still in wait for electricity to turn back on or instruction from the workers.  None of the workers made an announcement nor did the lights come back on.  Slowly some of the powered machines turned back on but the lights remained off.  Determined to burn fat individuals continued to workout despite the darkness throughout the gym. Some of the treadmills could not gain enough power to function properly and turned off after they had started again.  As you can imagine loads of people starting leaving the gym. Six minutes later the Zumba instructor (after the class finished) came around stating they were in fact evacuating the gym and something about smoke.

Some were so into their workout in the dark they didn’t notice the gym was being evacuated. Standing outside the gym sirens could be heard as four paramedic fire trucks approached Bally Fitness.  Firemen could be seen inside the gym were Zumba class had just taken place taking pictures of the ceiling.  What happened?  What was the reason for the firetrucks?  We will have to see if business resumes tomorrow.

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An added Hero! Kaitlin Roig

First Grade Teacher who saved her classThank You Kaitlin Roig

First Grade Teacher who saved her class
Thank You Kaitlin Roig

Kaitling Roig is a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Kaitlin managed to save her class by burricadding them in a small bathroom.  She comforted the children during the gunfire.  She said she doesn’t know if it is ok for a teacher to cross the boundaries in telling them she loved them.  Kaitlin in this case you did the RIGHT thing.  I agree with her not wanting the gunfire to be the last thing the children heard but someone telling them that they were loved.

Hearing her and seeing her so emotional just brings tears to my eyes.  For the first time I struggle with writing as my emotions are running rapid.  I applaud you Kaitlin and send hugs to you and your family from afar.

Even the survivors of the children and adults need our prayers.  This is something these children and teachers, school staff will have to deal with.  The lives lost, the children and people saved. You did not cross a boundary you were being the children advocate.  At that moment you were being the teacher so many of us parents wish we had in the classroom.  Teacher forget or often have to push their emotion to the side because your class is only your class for the year and you are not suppose to show emotion.


Watch her interview:Kaitlin Roig Interview

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Alert the Authorities!

This video has rubbed me the wrong way. I CAUTION you before watching this video that this will either upset you, make your stomach turn, or having you reaching for the phone to call child protective services yourself.

I put this up here because I am serious the authorities need to find these people and put a stop to it.  I mean for an adult to film a BABY who is even still in diapers having SEX with an ADULT is beyond me.  I can’t even figure the right words for this.  The baby pulls out his penis from the top of his diaper and proceeds to humping this adult female.  Granted she has panties on but she says hold on flips over for the baby to simulate fucking her in the doggy style position.

The video is a little over a minute but long enough to know this is child porn.  The baby is really trying to get inside of her and uses his mouth to move her panties out the way and then she pushes his head down into her vagina.  I don’t know where this video takes place but English is not being spoken in the background as the adults are laughing at what is taken place.  I am not sure if the child’s mother is involved and surely hope that neither one of the women videoing are laying in bed with this child is the parent or a parent for that matter.  Please ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

No I am not participating in passing this video along for laughs, OMG, but that the proper people will see it and get on to saving this child from that home. The power of the internet, social media needs to take place for the right reason.  They monitor Facebook and arrest people on threats I want to hear A BREAKING STORY THAT FACEBOOK DID SOME GOOD IN SAVING THIS CHILD BY ALERTING THE AUTHORITIES.

True I don’t know these people call it what you want this is wrong, beyond sickening and needs to be stopped immediately.

Disgusting Video Alert Child Protective Services!

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Kate is Pregnant! whoopi

Do I dare go here? Hell Yes I do!

First let me say Congrats to the new mom to be.

Now on to the more pressing issue.  Okay so your royalty is a normal woman.  I love how all the news, media, and Internet is filled with her “Severe” condition.  Wow well let me inform everyone now.  It is a condition that has also affected women who are not Royal and it didn’t make the news.  Are we really going to be subdued to hearing every detail of this moment as if it is the most IMPORTANT news ever.  She has morning sickness, she will experience many things and her body will change.  At the end of her term she will bare a beautiful boy or girl.

Let me guess the day she gives birth will be some type of Holiday and something tragic can be happening but her uterus expelling a baby that day will be the only news that matters.  I mean we are having to listen to that Price William had to make a human choice that us common folk make everyday.  The only thing is it isn’t in the news.  Ok we get it!  They are in a high royal place, but man give them space and let them enjoy the little time they have to be somewhat normal.

I can’t imagine the dictation Kate is going to get in raising her child.  As crazy as it seems this may be her only chance to rest for a bit.  Morning sickness is no fun royal or non royal and hyperemesis can be serious if nutrition is not able to pass to the fetus from mother.  I do wish her well with her bundle of joy, but press really back off and report on issues that really matter.  Otherwise report on every woman who has had or will have this issue.

Lets  see what Dr. sprouts on some morning news discussing the issues of Hyperememsis.

Want to learn more about the condition click the link> Hyperemesis

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The right to be straight!

So our president is supporting Gay’s!

Yes he knew exactly when to do this to get votes in my opinion.  There is a mass of followers in this category and it is a good campaign strategy.  However, I have just read one of the most ridiculous statements on Facebook.  A child questioning should they go to school or not because it is ” Gay Day Yep you read that right!

This makes me angry.  Not because I don’t support Gay persons but to force a child to choose if they support the situation or not when they themselves may not understand all the factors involved.  It is damned if they do and damn if they don’t go to school.  The might be criticized for going to school and supporting or criticized for attending school.  This is not fair to the children.  Since the school and WORLD is so bent on supporting Gay person what about supporting straight persons?

Seriously what about the support of people that are attracted to the opposite sex.  Now is the time to start to fight for the right to be straight.  The industry has forced this view so much like people just go around thinking about who is gay and who is not.  Well I don’t I am from the generation of not caring.  Your sexual preference is none of my damn business.  It is your choice not mine or my children.  This is out of control, they already want to teach children under 5 that two boys kissing is ok and that most definitely is NOT okay.  This is a parents decision not the schools or activist fighting for Gay rights.  How is it right to teach other people children that this is okay because this is what you want to do.  It is a parents choice when and how to teach a child about kissing at all and who the hell they should be kissing.  I don’t care the school used animals the message HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!

People have gotten so lost in the fight to support Gay people and their rights that our right to be straight has been put in jeopardy.  Laugh at these words if you want to but pay attention to commercials, clothes, and your surroundings.  What is on the bill for straight people?  Have you ever had a straight day at school, work, the WORLD? No, but we sure do have all that for Gay supporters! Think about it!

I don’t care what your sexual preference is as long as it doesn’t affect me, our forced upon children.

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Show your support for Cancer Tomorrow!

Show your support for cancer tomorrow.  I don’t know how many people will read this in time, but I ask you to show your support tomorrow.  How you ask?  Change your profile picture to the ribbon of color of the cancer you know a loved one, friend, or whomever has survived or still fighting it.  Here is a link to explain the different colors of cancer. \

Everyone is familiar with the pink ribbon, but there are more everyone should be aware of.  Tomorrow a dear friend of mine will be fighting cancer head on.  She is in stage 1 and I am glad they found it.  I will be changing my profile picture tomorrow to support Sharon Rose and her family as she goes into surgery.  Her family has the blue ribbon and so I will go with that.  October is not only a time to support the cause but times like these.  She has five children, two beautiful grandchildren with another one on the way in her corner and family friends.  I say we as a people can be in her corner and the rest who are fighting or who are survivors.

Take care of yourselves and keep regular checkups.  Putting your health first can save your life literally.  I want this to go viral Facebook, twitter all social media.  Let tomorrow February 28,2012 be a day we stood as a nation in remembering those who lost the battle, fighting it, and those who have kicked cancers ass.  Honor them tomorrow by changing your profile picture, even if you don’t know Sharon, maybe you know someone or you can support the cause.

Beyonce and the supposed Baby Reveal

Damn we gotta hear more gossip with this maybe pregnancy than any other celebrity or person.  Now the Reveal for NYE with Ryan Seacrest?

Is this the secret family of Jesus and we just don’t know it?  Why the hell the big secret of such a beautiful thing?  She never tweeted about the pregnancy or who the hell eva tweets for her.  Anyone real person that was pregnant would be tweeting something everyday if not multiple time a day.  I mean at least 1 mention of the baby and how the baby feels moving inside and just how you generally feel. she gave none of this, so again was the broad pregnant or not?  I mean it is such a blessing that it makes no sense even if she used a surrogate it’s ok many people do it.

I am going to just roll on the damn floor if this heffa appears on screen with this supposed baby girl.  One would like to be happy but you can’t be happy for someone who basically seems to by lying about the situation.

Let me know your comments folks are you going to tune in for Bey, the ball drop, or just for the hell of it.  Holla at ya girl daqueetbreal.

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Duggars and this memorial

Umm like I said before can we stop paying these people to produce when they know it is not safe.  They almost lost Josie and God forbid I said what is it going to take?  Is is going to take them loosing a child.  Now she has finally miscarried ( surprised) NOT!!!!!!!  This is exploiting this child that they will never see.  How far along was she anyway.  The baby has a full name already.  Some how I don’t think common sense has kicked in quite yet for these people.  It stop being amazing a long time ago and has been ridiculous for quite some time.

I am not a hard ass and believe that they are truly missing this 20th child that has unfortunately miscarried.  I just hope that since the Doctors, common sense, uterus falling out, bladder not under any type of control was not warning enough that loosing this 2oth child is enough for them to STOP the foolishness. 

Rest in peace Jubilee Shalom Duggar. 

Maybe a memorial will give them closer to whatever it is they have that they need to continue having children.  Posing with your daughter-in-law pregnant at the same time (SMH) Not cute. I just don’t think it is right to put any more children in danger and I wish these idiots paying them to do this would STOP!!!! Help families that really need the help.  I know a lot of families out there large families, medium and small could use some of the money they are getting for exploiting themselves.

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“Movember”-Prostate Cancer support

I have not heard of this before, but I think that it is great! Just as October is breast cancer awareness month, November is Prostate cancer awareness for men.

Cancer does not only affect women but men as well and in the month of November the cause can be supported by showing your “stache”.
Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida is supporting the cause with Movember contest of showing your stache.

“The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. According to the article written on Propeller a Full Sail University news reporting articles.

Come on people last month we wore pink and donated with yoplait iids, this month lets support and show our stache!

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Time for Rick Ross to diet!!!!!!

You can not have that much fat around the heart, it is just not healthy.

Unclear as to what is the actual cause or event hearing seizure, and heart stop, so I think it is time for the big boy to shed some pounds if he wants to live.

You can still be the “biggest boss that we seen this far” just thinner and alive.  He has not continued on and performed, but in a hospital under observation in Alabama.  Something is going on there it has been 2 dyas and he is still there.  Usually it would be a 24 hour observation and one could be released, so the fact that they have kept hime maybe there is something more going on.


Get rest stay healthy folks!

Did yall see Tone Loc collapsed from exhaustion?!!!!!!

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