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California School system guided by the ignorant

The Kindergarten Readiness Act, or Senate Bill 1381, moves that minimum age cutoff for admittance into kindergarten to Nov. 1 for the 2012-13 school year. The age cutoff will shift again in the 2013-2014 school year, mandating that children must turn 5 by Oct. 1 to enroll in traditional kindergarten. For the 2014-2015 school year, a child must turn 5 before Sept. 1 to enroll in traditional kindergarten.

Teacher happy they have less responsiblity to teach

This is the most dumb change made in the history of changes.  To cut budget they are messing with the future of our children.  Entering my children into the school system in the state of California has been a difficult challenge.  In the state of Florida I had ALL four of my children in school.  My one year old in a daycare that had actual structure for teaching them basic counting and language, my three year in preschool, my four year old in pre-k, my six year old in Kindergarten.  Coming to California I am told my three year does not qualify for preschool something about a cut off of November 17th, her birthday is 3 days later and hell there is no pre-k for my four year old. They found him space in preschool that is clearly where my 3 year old should be.  My kindergartner went from school all day where she had physical education, art, music, library, computer skills lab, breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria to California 3 hours a day morning or evening classroom and no other classes to offer her in the short amount of time.

These teachers say children with November birthdays struggle the most or not ready because they can’t sit down.  Correction you are lazy in your efforts to teach these children and your attention span can’t go beyond 3 hours.  Children are behind in California not because of their age but the lack of real teachers and classroom hours.  How can you expect a child to learn in three hours, with the first hour lost on getting settled into the classroom.  Where are the variety of classes that they will have entering first grade.  They are expected to attend class all day in first grade when they have only attended 3 hours in kindergarten.  Kindergarten is suppose to be a child right of passage into real school instead here specifically in the Fremont school district of California it is just overflow preschool.  Lunch time for the children are optional, I mean it is play or eat literally.  How could a transitional program be new when duh kids would have ALWAYS needed to be transitioned into kindergarten.

I am tired of budget cuts for education.  Cut the budget where it is needed not where more money should be.

”You have a high number of kids who haven’t attended any kind of preschool experience,” Kaup said. “This drastically affects how well kids do.” THIS IS BECAUSE YOU WON’T LET THEM IN PRESCHOOL! LET THEM IN AND THEY WILL HAVE THE EXPERIENCE DUH DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST.

I use to be on the side of teachers and not cutting budgets there but maybe if some gave a damn about teaching the students and not oh your birthday is one day late so your brain can’t possibly grasp letter A they would see better results.  A child growth and development is not only the responsibility of the parent but a reflection of the teacher as well.  Can anyone tell me if a group of parents complain about a teacher lack of teaching and responsiveness to the students to the district and yet that teacher remains employed, how can your child succeed?  How can they move past the horrible kindergarten experience and excel in first grade and beyond. Somewhere the blame has to stop falling on our children and the parents and put it where it really belongs on the instructors who lack their duties.  Teach a child and they will thrive at their own past.  Some may need that extra help and that is what special education use to be for now we just keep delaying our children to enter into school relying on the parents to teach them.

I am not a teacher but I believe in education and do not play or except failure from my kids.  It is one of the areas I am hardest on them.  I don’t baby talk them so they can pick up language early.  I have school of mom time with them so they can learn.  Are there any other parents out there upset with their school system and seek change.  The way they are moving is not the right move and parents need to take a stand.  Take an active roll and stand up for your child right to learn and be properly educated by those who have taken on the roll of teacher.

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An added Hero! Kaitlin Roig

First Grade Teacher who saved her classThank You Kaitlin Roig

First Grade Teacher who saved her class
Thank You Kaitlin Roig

Kaitling Roig is a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Kaitlin managed to save her class by burricadding them in a small bathroom.  She comforted the children during the gunfire.  She said she doesn’t know if it is ok for a teacher to cross the boundaries in telling them she loved them.  Kaitlin in this case you did the RIGHT thing.  I agree with her not wanting the gunfire to be the last thing the children heard but someone telling them that they were loved.

Hearing her and seeing her so emotional just brings tears to my eyes.  For the first time I struggle with writing as my emotions are running rapid.  I applaud you Kaitlin and send hugs to you and your family from afar.

Even the survivors of the children and adults need our prayers.  This is something these children and teachers, school staff will have to deal with.  The lives lost, the children and people saved. You did not cross a boundary you were being the children advocate.  At that moment you were being the teacher so many of us parents wish we had in the classroom.  Teacher forget or often have to push their emotion to the side because your class is only your class for the year and you are not suppose to show emotion.


Watch her interview:Kaitlin Roig Interview

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Names Released of Victims at Sandy Hook Elementary

Our Prayers are with you

Our Prayers are with you

I released this last night on my Facebook page but for those of you that don’t have my Facebook here are the names of the victims lost in the horrific tragedy Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Keep everyone in your prayers at this time of grief.

Dawn Hochsprung (principal), 47

Mary Sherlach (school psychologist), 56

Victoria Soto (first grade teacher), 27

Charlotte Bacon, 6

Daniel Barden, 7

Rachel Davino, 29

Olivia Engel, 6

Josephine Gay, 7

Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6

Dylan Hockley, 6

Madeline F. Hsu, 6

Catherine V Hubbard, 6

Chase Kowalski, 7

Jesse Lewis, 6

James Mattioli, 6

Grace McDonnell, 7

Anne Marie Murphy, 52

Emile Parker, 6

Jack Pinto, 6

Noah Pozner, 6

Caroline Previdi, 6

Jessica Rekos, 6

Avielle Richman, 6

Lauren Russeau, 30

Benjamin Wheeler, 6

Allison N. Wyatt, 6

You can read more of the story or other sources connecting to the tragedy by clicking the link below:

Read more:

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Newton Connecticut Tragedy

I just want to say a quick blurb.

Worst fear of a parent is to loose a child, do get that phone call or view on the news that your child school has had a shooting and innocent lives lost.  My heart truly goes out to ALL involved in this event that took place and makes you realize that extra hug, kiss, or words mommy/daddy love you, is NECESSARY.  If you are one of those parents that don’t tell your child EVERYDAY you love them make sure today is the day that you START. LaKhaela, Lamar Jr., Lakaia, Leroy mommy love you more than words can ever express.

If you know someone who is hurting, depressed, step in get involved.  You can save lives.  It is not ok for us the people to continue to be afraid to say hey that person needs help, they are talking of harming themselves or others.  Suicide is real, often times if they don’t harm themselves their emotions are to much to bare and over take any common sense in their heads.  If they are reaching out reach back.  I don’t know the situation in Newton Connecticut but I certainly can’t nor do I want to imagine the pain these families are feeling.

According to the Associated Press: Official: Police are questioning Ryan Lanza, 24, of Hoboken, older brother of Connecticut shooting suspect Adam Lanza. -SS

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Alert the Authorities!

This video has rubbed me the wrong way. I CAUTION you before watching this video that this will either upset you, make your stomach turn, or having you reaching for the phone to call child protective services yourself.

I put this up here because I am serious the authorities need to find these people and put a stop to it.  I mean for an adult to film a BABY who is even still in diapers having SEX with an ADULT is beyond me.  I can’t even figure the right words for this.  The baby pulls out his penis from the top of his diaper and proceeds to humping this adult female.  Granted she has panties on but she says hold on flips over for the baby to simulate fucking her in the doggy style position.

The video is a little over a minute but long enough to know this is child porn.  The baby is really trying to get inside of her and uses his mouth to move her panties out the way and then she pushes his head down into her vagina.  I don’t know where this video takes place but English is not being spoken in the background as the adults are laughing at what is taken place.  I am not sure if the child’s mother is involved and surely hope that neither one of the women videoing are laying in bed with this child is the parent or a parent for that matter.  Please ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

No I am not participating in passing this video along for laughs, OMG, but that the proper people will see it and get on to saving this child from that home. The power of the internet, social media needs to take place for the right reason.  They monitor Facebook and arrest people on threats I want to hear A BREAKING STORY THAT FACEBOOK DID SOME GOOD IN SAVING THIS CHILD BY ALERTING THE AUTHORITIES.

True I don’t know these people call it what you want this is wrong, beyond sickening and needs to be stopped immediately.

Disgusting Video Alert Child Protective Services!

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Tipped Employees

More and More we are seeing these long listed complaints of tipped employees and what they actually make.  So I looked into it.

California Tipped Minimum Wage-$1.00 – Employees who earn a certain amount of tips every month may be paid a special cash minimum wage, but must earn at least $8.00 including tips every hour.

All tipped workers in California, including waitresses, waiters, and bartenders, are entitled to the full California minimum wage of $8.00 per hour.  Tipped employees click link for more details…

Hmm already not making their point of complaining about tips.  I am so tired of hearing that they only make this $1 or $2 amount when it really is not the case it can be the case for some but it says you are entitled to the FULL amount.  Know your rights as an employee and get your money tipped employees.  Plus isn’t the money you make cash not reported in your wage or check?

In most other states, employers are allowed to pay workers who earn over $30 in tips a month a special minimum wage of $2.13 (slightly higher in some states), but must pay more if they do not earn at least the minimum wage in tips in any given hour.

So yes there is a SPECIAL minimum wage amount for these tipped employees in other states, but again it says they MUST make their minimum wage in in any given hour.  So is it not helpful for you to get less of a tip to get more money on your check?  Or is it you are so greedy and like the cash value of large returns ($100-$200) a night?  What is the truth here when dealing with tipped employees.  It use to be the service if good was granted a tip and a decent tip if excellent in service.  Now it is demanded and looked down upon if you are not giving the tip the server feels they deserve.

Oh and I love these people that money is not an issue saying if you can’t afford the tip don’t eat out.  Well guess what I can’t afford the damn tip because they expect me to live off my wage WITHOUT cash tips.  Food for thought for the ignorant and saying what people don’t deserve or shouldn’t do.  If some of you could take the silver spoon out of your bums(decided to keep it a bit classy) and realize that a tip is earned not a requirement. When the group is large then yes the tip is automatically calculated in the final bill.

Leads me to my next subject on this matter.  Do you leave another tip when the tip is already included in the final bill?  Tell me your thoughts I am curious on this whole matter.  Initially when I saw the $1 amount I was like wow they are right they don’t make their money but looking deeper into it says they must make the minimum wage amount.  I do feel for those who may be taken advantage of and not making their minimum but at the same time that means you are making a killing in tips.  Am I suggesting not to tip? NO, I believe good service deserves a tip.  However, I do not agree with making fun of those who can’t afford the “required” to tip and putting them on blast saying you need your tip they shouldn’t eat out.  Everyone deserves to eat out every once in a while.  Just being cheap is not what I am saying either because I am sure if any tipped employees read this they will misunderstand and twist my words.


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Need Motivation?

Be a part of the Foolies movement!  I know I am not being left behind or you?  Check out the Vlog and let me know what you think.

I loved the video and yes Pain is Motivation.  At times we forget so caught up in the pain that we don’t appreciate the success that we have achieved.  Take a step back reflect has your pain been your motivation?  Have you gone through a rough patch in life that has made you stronger?  Have you experienced hardship and somehow made through?  Have you been on your educational grind to get to that next level?

Yes!  Well you are already part of the Foolies movement.  You have used that pain and let it motivate you into success, to keep going, to reach the next goal.  Don’t get left behind keeping going, challenge thy self to what could be.

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The right to be straight!

So our president is supporting Gay’s!

Yes he knew exactly when to do this to get votes in my opinion.  There is a mass of followers in this category and it is a good campaign strategy.  However, I have just read one of the most ridiculous statements on Facebook.  A child questioning should they go to school or not because it is ” Gay Day Yep you read that right!

This makes me angry.  Not because I don’t support Gay persons but to force a child to choose if they support the situation or not when they themselves may not understand all the factors involved.  It is damned if they do and damn if they don’t go to school.  The might be criticized for going to school and supporting or criticized for attending school.  This is not fair to the children.  Since the school and WORLD is so bent on supporting Gay person what about supporting straight persons?

Seriously what about the support of people that are attracted to the opposite sex.  Now is the time to start to fight for the right to be straight.  The industry has forced this view so much like people just go around thinking about who is gay and who is not.  Well I don’t I am from the generation of not caring.  Your sexual preference is none of my damn business.  It is your choice not mine or my children.  This is out of control, they already want to teach children under 5 that two boys kissing is ok and that most definitely is NOT okay.  This is a parents decision not the schools or activist fighting for Gay rights.  How is it right to teach other people children that this is okay because this is what you want to do.  It is a parents choice when and how to teach a child about kissing at all and who the hell they should be kissing.  I don’t care the school used animals the message HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!

People have gotten so lost in the fight to support Gay people and their rights that our right to be straight has been put in jeopardy.  Laugh at these words if you want to but pay attention to commercials, clothes, and your surroundings.  What is on the bill for straight people?  Have you ever had a straight day at school, work, the WORLD? No, but we sure do have all that for Gay supporters! Think about it!

I don’t care what your sexual preference is as long as it doesn’t affect me, our forced upon children.

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Stop Ignorance!

Stop the ignorance!

We need to take a stand and stop being ignorant.  Stop giving people a chance to call you ignorant or view you as an ignorant person.  As a nation we need to stand together and fight the parallels of the older generations or people with misguided information.

African Americans, blacks however you want to label yourself stop giving people the opportunity to call you ignorant.  It was bought to my attention the other day that most videos posted are of black on black fights.  Why wonder why people are viewing our race or young generation as nothing more than ignorant fools that are killing each other off anyway.  They no longer need to vastly spread racism and kill us off because our own people are doing it for them.  Does a heated argument really have to turn into murder?  Do you need to be in the street fighting?  Better yet the person with the camera do you really need to put your people on blast like that.  That shit not cute, excuse my french.

Stop ignorance, make a stand today to fight against it.  Stay in school, go back to school, start school.  Stop fighting in the streets and videotaping it! Stop giving people a reason to call you ignorant and dumb.  Prove to the people you are intelligent, you have a purpose, prove you have just as much of a right to be here as anybody else.  Arm yourself with the right tools of success instead of a gun.  Teach our youth street life is not the life.  Stand up, rise up, make a statement.  I am not ignorant and I too deserve to be here.  I am just as if not more educated than you.  Drive the people crazy with the STOP IGNORANCE MOVEMENT!

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Beyonce getting her GED!

Rumor has it Beyonce is studying for her GED! Yes folks her GED!

At first I was like that is a damn shame she put all her time into money first before completing her schooling. But that would be hating, I congratulate anyone who goes back and get their GED or complete a college degree.  She has so many stans that maybe this will give them encouragement to go back to school and get their GED.

Although the star is in no way doing this as an example or role model for her stans it still can be viewed in a positive way.  Beyonce is getting things right for the little Blue Ivy.  Beyonce might just might be changing her above it all appearance and setting a positive example for who matters most.  Hell naw it ain’t you it is her little bundle of joy.  Despite all the controversy and Bey and her baby like I said she has a little one and that makes her a mom.

I am glad to be writing something positive about the star.  It takes a lot for someone in her position to take the initiative to head back and study up for her GED.  May it all go well for her and she pass her GED exam.  I do wonder if she never became a mom would it be something she would finish.  I think this too should give the stans of the world something to think about.  Money is not above everything.  No matter how successful you are there is that little piece of paper that is not GREEN but says you committed to furthering your education that is most important.  Maybe this is why some of the grind non stop pushing things like having a family back so late.  They don’t have anything to fall back on, they have skipped on education and can’t do anything else.  If the voice goes, the body goes, then what do they have?  NOTHING!

Lesson folks, be educated and don’t wait until you have a child to get your self together.  Don’t let your career seem so above it all and have that eating at the back of your brain for 15-plus years, get your GED, finish high school, and go to college and have a back to your back up plan.


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