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Alert the Authorities!

This video has rubbed me the wrong way. I CAUTION you before watching this video that this will either upset you, make your stomach turn, or having you reaching for the phone to call child protective services yourself.

I put this up here because I am serious the authorities need to find these people and put a stop to it.  I mean for an adult to film a BABY who is even still in diapers having SEX with an ADULT is beyond me.  I can’t even figure the right words for this.  The baby pulls out his penis from the top of his diaper and proceeds to humping this adult female.  Granted she has panties on but she says hold on flips over for the baby to simulate fucking her in the doggy style position.

The video is a little over a minute but long enough to know this is child porn.  The baby is really trying to get inside of her and uses his mouth to move her panties out the way and then she pushes his head down into her vagina.  I don’t know where this video takes place but English is not being spoken in the background as the adults are laughing at what is taken place.  I am not sure if the child’s mother is involved and surely hope that neither one of the women videoing are laying in bed with this child is the parent or a parent for that matter.  Please ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

No I am not participating in passing this video along for laughs, OMG, but that the proper people will see it and get on to saving this child from that home. The power of the internet, social media needs to take place for the right reason.  They monitor Facebook and arrest people on threats I want to hear A BREAKING STORY THAT FACEBOOK DID SOME GOOD IN SAVING THIS CHILD BY ALERTING THE AUTHORITIES.

True I don’t know these people call it what you want this is wrong, beyond sickening and needs to be stopped immediately.

Disgusting Video Alert Child Protective Services!

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