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Beyonce World #Formation Tour

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.09.53 PM.png

Beyonce did it again by dropping a single and video day before the most talked about performance in Santa Clara, Ca at Levi stadium for Super Bowl 50 and announced Formation World Tour along with a mission to help Flint Michigan. I’m not tooting her horn but when one needs to be sounded toot toot! The single Formation is such a undeniable powerful song and Beyonce used the perfect platform to let the world know she wasn’t playing.  2014 was the last time the Formation singer dropped new music and well she did not disappoint.

Look at the video below and tell me what you think about the track.

The tour dates kick off in the US in April following dates in the UK beginning the end of June. Times have yet to be announced.  American Express members are able to take advantage of presale tickets starting February 9th till the 14th before opening to the public Monday February 15,2016 which happens to be the day of the Grammys this year.


Apr 27, 2016 Miami, Florida Marlins Park

Apr 29, 2016 Tampa, Florida Raymond James Stadium

May 1, 2016 Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Dome

May 3, 2016 Raleigh, North Carolina Carter-Finley Stadium
May 5, 2016 Nashville, Tennessee Nissan Stadium
May 7, 2016 Houston , Texas NRG Stadium
May 9, 2016 Dallas, Texas AT&T Stadium
May 12, 2016 San Diego, California Qualcomm Stadium
May 14, 2016 Los Angeles, California Rose Bowl
May 16, 2016 San Clara, California Levi’s Stadium
May 18, 2016 Washington, Seattle CenturyLink Field
May 20, 2016 Edmonton, Alberta Commonwealth Stadium
May 23, 2016 Minneapolis, Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium
May 25, 2016 Toronto , Ontario Rogers Centre
May 27, 2016 Chicago, Illinois Soldier Field
May 29, 2016 Detroit, Michigan Ford Field
May 31, 2016 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Heinz Field
Jun 3, 2016 Boston, Massachusetts Gillette Stadium
Jun 5, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lincoln Financial Field
Jun 7, 2016 New York, New York Citi Field
Jun 10, 2016 Baltimore, Maryland M&T Bank Stadium
Jun 12, 2016 Hershey, Pennsylvania Hersheypark Stadium
Jun 28, 2016 Sunderland, England Stadium of Light
Jun 30, 2016 Cardiff, Wales Millennium Stadium
Jul 2, 2016 London , England Wembley Stadium
Jul 5, 2016 Manchester, England Emirates Old Trafford
Jul 7, 2016 Glasgow, Scotland Hampden Park
Stay tuned I have a feeling Beyonce is about to take us all on a ride.
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Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry (Music Video) | BIG VON

Kelly Rowland – Dirty Laundry (Music Video) | BIG VON.

The beautiful Kelly Rowland new video for song Dirty Laundry is very tastefully done.  Simple in its nature displays Kelly in a vulnerable way and ending with liberation.  The contrast of the black suit in the water and white at the end diving free.  Love it.  The focus is purely on Kelly and not Beyonce.  

Proud this was done is taste and meets every expectation as Kelly continues to rise in her career.


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Instant Mom is an Instant Success

It was a pleasure being in the audience of the live taping of Instant Mom set to air in the Fall on Nick Mom.  The atmosphere was nothing like I expected, as this was my first time to be in the audience of any sitcom or show.  Between the comedian and live DJ the audience was quite entertained between dressing changes and set changes.  It also helped to have an audience that was open to the blunt comedian who kept it all the way real, no filter on his jokes.  He didn’t just chime in on the audience but joked on himself and his children.

The show Instant Mom is about a woman (Stephanie) who married an older gentleman Charlie (Michael Boatman), (who happens to be a cardiologist, score!) with three kids.  Stephanie played by the gorgeous Tia Mowry-Hardrict is thrown into parenthood at an instant.  Hence the name Instant Mom.  Not to give too many details away because you will need to tune in in the Fall on Nick Mom to catch the cast doing their thing. Stephanie has to go from weekend mom to full time mom when the birth mother has to leave without notice to take care of her own mother. The three kids play well off each other and the chemistry and vibe of the cast is believable as a family dealing with a step mom.  The two boys Aaron  (Damarr Calhoun) ( who you may have seen on an episode of Scandal and James (Tylen Williams) the brother of Tyler Williams ( who sat quietly in the audience)the  hit show Everybody Hates Chris are so cute and definitely boys being boys.  Gabby  (Sydney Park) the teenage daughter plays her role well and I can’t wait to see what other things the teenager goes through.  It is an instant bond between Stephanie and Gabby being more like friends than mother and daughter sharing clothes, until Stephanie is forced to be a mother and take away the privilege she gave her.  What privilege is that?  Tune in and find out!

Overall I think the show will be an instant success, however I wonder how will the writers continue the show past season one.   Most know there are many challenges to being a mom or a step mom in Stephanie’s case, but she has picked it up all to fast so how will they continue to keep the audience interested and how will it survive into a season 2.  Perhaps, Stephanie overbearing momMaggie (Sheryl Lee Ralph) will finally be done chipping away or start to warm up to the idea of being a Grandma and hound her daughter into giving her a grandchild.  Perhaps she does get pregnant and the mom comes back, or maybe her party friend starts to dig the non -single life and look for her own ready-made family.  I don’t know but I certainly hope the writers are looking into the future of multiple seasons.

I will be watching the new hit show and look forward to other episodes to see the creativity of the writers.  I must admit as a graduate of entertainment business it was nice to see in real time and professionally all the components come together.  Seeing the each behind the scenes crew members and making sense of their duties was a pleasant surprise.  However, I was unaware audience entertainer really having to know the show and be just as involved.  I thought it was more like clap now (holding sign), laugh now (holding sign) it was so not that and I enjoyed it.

On a side note I don’t know what it is about 2Chainz song “I’m Different” it gets me going every time, and apparently the cast of Instant Mom and the audience.  It was great seeing Tia and the other cast members bust a move along with her hairstylist and makeup people on set.

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Check out Marz Barz new single Live It Up distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!

Check out my new single Live It Up distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!.


Marz Barz has released a new single out today July 8, 2013.

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The Marz Barz Store has some items you for purchase and other music for you to enjoy.

Marz Barz single Live it Up in stores today! Purchase your track today

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Bally Fitness in Fremont Evacuated

Front of Bally Total Fitness Fremont CA

Front of Bally Total Fitness Fremont CA

Bally Total Fitness Evacuated tonight.

Can you imagine working out in the dark?  Tonight people working out at Bally Fitness did just that.  The treadmills, elliptical, and bike machines stopped all at once with complete darkness.  No warning or light flicker just complete darkness.

Gym participants stood still in wait for electricity to turn back on or instruction from the workers.  None of the workers made an announcement nor did the lights come back on.  Slowly some of the powered machines turned back on but the lights remained off.  Determined to burn fat individuals continued to workout despite the darkness throughout the gym. Some of the treadmills could not gain enough power to function properly and turned off after they had started again.  As you can imagine loads of people starting leaving the gym. Six minutes later the Zumba instructor (after the class finished) came around stating they were in fact evacuating the gym and something about smoke.

Some were so into their workout in the dark they didn’t notice the gym was being evacuated. Standing outside the gym sirens could be heard as four paramedic fire trucks approached Bally Fitness.  Firemen could be seen inside the gym were Zumba class had just taken place taking pictures of the ceiling.  What happened?  What was the reason for the firetrucks?  We will have to see if business resumes tomorrow.

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California School system guided by the ignorant

The Kindergarten Readiness Act, or Senate Bill 1381, moves that minimum age cutoff for admittance into kindergarten to Nov. 1 for the 2012-13 school year. The age cutoff will shift again in the 2013-2014 school year, mandating that children must turn 5 by Oct. 1 to enroll in traditional kindergarten. For the 2014-2015 school year, a child must turn 5 before Sept. 1 to enroll in traditional kindergarten.

Teacher happy they have less responsiblity to teach

This is the most dumb change made in the history of changes.  To cut budget they are messing with the future of our children.  Entering my children into the school system in the state of California has been a difficult challenge.  In the state of Florida I had ALL four of my children in school.  My one year old in a daycare that had actual structure for teaching them basic counting and language, my three year in preschool, my four year old in pre-k, my six year old in Kindergarten.  Coming to California I am told my three year does not qualify for preschool something about a cut off of November 17th, her birthday is 3 days later and hell there is no pre-k for my four year old. They found him space in preschool that is clearly where my 3 year old should be.  My kindergartner went from school all day where she had physical education, art, music, library, computer skills lab, breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria to California 3 hours a day morning or evening classroom and no other classes to offer her in the short amount of time.

These teachers say children with November birthdays struggle the most or not ready because they can’t sit down.  Correction you are lazy in your efforts to teach these children and your attention span can’t go beyond 3 hours.  Children are behind in California not because of their age but the lack of real teachers and classroom hours.  How can you expect a child to learn in three hours, with the first hour lost on getting settled into the classroom.  Where are the variety of classes that they will have entering first grade.  They are expected to attend class all day in first grade when they have only attended 3 hours in kindergarten.  Kindergarten is suppose to be a child right of passage into real school instead here specifically in the Fremont school district of California it is just overflow preschool.  Lunch time for the children are optional, I mean it is play or eat literally.  How could a transitional program be new when duh kids would have ALWAYS needed to be transitioned into kindergarten.

I am tired of budget cuts for education.  Cut the budget where it is needed not where more money should be.

”You have a high number of kids who haven’t attended any kind of preschool experience,” Kaup said. “This drastically affects how well kids do.” THIS IS BECAUSE YOU WON’T LET THEM IN PRESCHOOL! LET THEM IN AND THEY WILL HAVE THE EXPERIENCE DUH DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST.

I use to be on the side of teachers and not cutting budgets there but maybe if some gave a damn about teaching the students and not oh your birthday is one day late so your brain can’t possibly grasp letter A they would see better results.  A child growth and development is not only the responsibility of the parent but a reflection of the teacher as well.  Can anyone tell me if a group of parents complain about a teacher lack of teaching and responsiveness to the students to the district and yet that teacher remains employed, how can your child succeed?  How can they move past the horrible kindergarten experience and excel in first grade and beyond. Somewhere the blame has to stop falling on our children and the parents and put it where it really belongs on the instructors who lack their duties.  Teach a child and they will thrive at their own past.  Some may need that extra help and that is what special education use to be for now we just keep delaying our children to enter into school relying on the parents to teach them.

I am not a teacher but I believe in education and do not play or except failure from my kids.  It is one of the areas I am hardest on them.  I don’t baby talk them so they can pick up language early.  I have school of mom time with them so they can learn.  Are there any other parents out there upset with their school system and seek change.  The way they are moving is not the right move and parents need to take a stand.  Take an active roll and stand up for your child right to learn and be properly educated by those who have taken on the roll of teacher.

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Beyonce attempts a possible new single titled “Grown Woman” in Pepsi Ad

Bossip once again has reported something on Beyonce.

Naturally I check it out in curiosity if they are going to praise her as they have done for years or stay on their new hype of dissing her.  They on their hype of dissing her. Either way they can’t win with people saying they still riding this chick.

On to the topic at hand  With epic fail of Bow Down/ I Been On and they lack their of all stars I Been On remix, Beyonce attempts to recapture the consumer.  In the new minute Ad for Pepsi features a Timbaland produced track titled “Grown Woman”.  Beyonce dances with mirrors(appropriately titled from Pepsi “mirrors”) surrounding herself for four (surprised by the 4) seconds before becoming tired and needing a Pepsi break.   Returning to the mirrors the song starts when Beyonce becomes faced with herself from past epic videos that had us all grooving right along with her.

Beyonce defends herself in this song stating “I’m a Grown Woman I do whatever I want”.  Did somebody say she wasn’t grown and that she didn’t spread her legs for d**k?  She says something like I move it down like that round that like when I do it.  Where we supposed to applaud her for that?!?!?!?  There is something off about the ad when she faces her  self.  It appears to be a body double with black boots rather than the black heels she has on in the mirrors.  The blonde hair looks a bit cheap for her to be a woman her status  Never understood why her hair never reflected her money.  Time to invest in that Indian hair!  Her body looks thicker but not in a bad way.  Does anybody know who these songs are directed towards?  We know she grown, we know she get down (controversy of real or fake pregnancy), but these songs are her message to a particular someone or group.  Jay-Z did this when he “retired” but only did music with Bey until he got his point across to whomever he was talking too then returned from the non-retirement of music.

In this brief intro to this track she says things like, not understanding what she going through, wonder or don’t know who she is but she is going to show it.  Your right Bey we don’t know what you are going through, remember your life is private and you only say what you think will keep you at the top. Example the picture finally showing Blue Ivy has a face.

Blue Ivy has a face!

Blue Ivy has a face!

She a big ass one year old!

Winning that suit they have to prove of use of the name or likes of it.  Yea!! I beg to differ on the ” people listen to me when I talk because I ain’t pretending” No we listen to see how far you are going to put your foot in your mouth this time you speak.  Pretending is you, it is okay it has worked well for you.  All in all Beyonce has made some hits and performed her ass off.  Now we are getting the performance of a lifetime with her transforming into something.  The answer still awaits as they scramble to make her album a hit.  Yeah Yeah I know albums are recorded time before it is actually released, but with the constant flops or lack of fans taking a liking to the music they are making needed changes.

On to the Pepsi Ad.

Leave your comments tell me your thoughts…

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Keyshia Cole and Beyonce Beef

Everybody quick to say Keyshia Cole got Beef with the almighty Beyonce.  Hello maybe yall just got beef with Keyshia Cole. There are constant reports of Keyshia Cole going in on twitter causing some type of ruckus.  At one point I was like damn Keyshia what the hell going on you rep the Bay in the industry. #teambayarea!!

This time I had to investigate when Bossip reported Keyshia Cole claps back at Beyonce for the song Bown Down.  First off that is not what you call a song.  Beyonce was angry, trying to hard, or something.  It is supposedly two snippets put together.  I don’t what it is, but garbage defines what it actually is.  Cole tweets First “Women need to Stick together” now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit” This is the truth.  Beyonce has more than one time sang of women sticking together and being strong then your royal Queen Bey DISSES yall stans by saying, “I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. Don’t forget it. Respect that,” she sings. “Bow down, b*tches.” Hello yall backing down to her because you saying she so powerful that it will end Keyshia Cole career.

Cole spoke nothing but the truth in this tweet and now Beyonce followers are attacking her for speaking her mind.attacking

Yall need to stop it!  Power 95.3 is a respected radio station out in Orlando FL, should they Bow Down to Queen Bey too for speaking the truth?  The two songs released thus far for  Bey FLOPPED big time in their face.  I don’t know what is worse Nuclear or Bow Down, but they were suppose to be her big hits and just don’t cut it.  This is not a beef between Keyshia Cole and Beyonce fans are just jumping on the bandwagon of Beyonce who yes has HAD her day in the spotlight.  Let be honest folks Bey has not produced a hit or had a GREAT performance in a while.  The last of the BEST performances from Bey was when she was “PREGNANT” doing flips on stage in heels.  She really gave us the performance then huh!

I’m not team Cole just keeping it 100.  When Cole spoke against Michelle Williams that was just cold and I could see why fans went after her.  She did put her foot in her mouth on that one.  We all know on the trio of a performance Kelly Rowland bought the most heat to stage giving fans what the deserved.  A PERFORMANCE!  Whatever it is Bey is going through she need to get it together or stay behind the scenes and continue collecting her duckets that way.  We hear of her using Final cut Pro and self directing amongst other things so it is time for her to Bow Down and do what she does best BEHIND the scenes.  Not a diss just keep the image you had before it is tarnished.

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Rihanna Remix Pour it up VS Beyonce Single Bow Down

Rihanna is on FIRE!

Now with that said we seen Rhianna go from good girl to bad girl transition and it worked for her.  Do you think Bey late in the industry turn to bad girl will work for her?  I don’t know but hearing the two snippets, single, crap whatever you want to call it Bow Down makes me wonder where her sound and image is going next.  I would love to see Beyonce pull something new off.  Maybe she finally got the message that we would like to see more than her rolling around on the stage half naked and calling it a performance.  There is no surprise anymore, no fire when she comes to the stage.

Island Def Jam has released Rihanna Remix Pour It Up Yong Jeezy, Rick Ross, T.I., and Juicy J.  I want to know what do you the consumer think of the Rihanna Remix Pour it Up VS Beyonce Bow Down/ I Been On. 

Which track do like best?  Rihanna Pour it Up was just fine to me in fact that is the jam, that song go hard right now. “Bands make your girl go down” WHAT! Yes Rihanna is on FIRE and has been for quite some time now.  It took a little getting use to with the change but overall it worked out in her best interest.

Bey wants to do new music, she doesn’t want to sing the same type of songs all her life.  Much respect to that just make sure there is some content in what you are delivering.

Beyonce Bow Down/ I Been On or Rihanna Remix Pour it Up or the original version of the song.  At the end of the day both of these females still got they money and pockets deep.  Can’t take that away from neither one.  Just want to hear from you are you welcoming Beyonce to the other side or will her stans fall back and wait to see if it catches on before fully supporting her new sound.

Queen Bey all eyes on you!

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