Tipped Employees

More and More we are seeing these long listed complaints of tipped employees and what they actually make.  So I looked into it.

California Tipped Minimum Wage-$1.00 – Employees who earn a certain amount of tips every month may be paid a special cash minimum wage, but must earn at least $8.00 including tips every hour.

All tipped workers in California, including waitresses, waiters, and bartenders, are entitled to the full California minimum wage of $8.00 per hour.  Tipped employees click link for more details…

Hmm already not making their point of complaining about tips.  I am so tired of hearing that they only make this $1 or $2 amount when it really is not the case it can be the case for some but it says you are entitled to the FULL amount.  Know your rights as an employee and get your money tipped employees.  Plus isn’t the money you make cash not reported in your wage or check?

In most other states, employers are allowed to pay workers who earn over $30 in tips a month a special minimum wage of $2.13 (slightly higher in some states), but must pay more if they do not earn at least the minimum wage in tips in any given hour.

So yes there is a SPECIAL minimum wage amount for these tipped employees in other states, but again it says they MUST make their minimum wage in in any given hour.  So is it not helpful for you to get less of a tip to get more money on your check?  Or is it you are so greedy and like the cash value of large returns ($100-$200) a night?  What is the truth here when dealing with tipped employees.  It use to be the service if good was granted a tip and a decent tip if excellent in service.  Now it is demanded and looked down upon if you are not giving the tip the server feels they deserve.

Oh and I love these people that money is not an issue saying if you can’t afford the tip don’t eat out.  Well guess what I can’t afford the damn tip because they expect me to live off my wage WITHOUT cash tips.  Food for thought for the ignorant and saying what people don’t deserve or shouldn’t do.  If some of you could take the silver spoon out of your bums(decided to keep it a bit classy) and realize that a tip is earned not a requirement. When the group is large then yes the tip is automatically calculated in the final bill.

Leads me to my next subject on this matter.  Do you leave another tip when the tip is already included in the final bill?  Tell me your thoughts I am curious on this whole matter.  Initially when I saw the $1 amount I was like wow they are right they don’t make their money but looking deeper into it says they must make the minimum wage amount.  I do feel for those who may be taken advantage of and not making their minimum but at the same time that means you are making a killing in tips.  Am I suggesting not to tip? NO, I believe good service deserves a tip.  However, I do not agree with making fun of those who can’t afford the “required” to tip and putting them on blast saying you need your tip they shouldn’t eat out.  Everyone deserves to eat out every once in a while.  Just being cheap is not what I am saying either because I am sure if any tipped employees read this they will misunderstand and twist my words.


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